You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.

You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Energy and the Absence of it..........

At the very beginning there was energy, and the absence of it .Gradually energy began to invent itself, finding expression in thought, light, heat, sound and movement. As energy began expressing itself in conditions that would support its presence, various forms of expressions began on various planets in the galaxy. Energy would want to be everywhere, and found newer ways to present itself. Intelligent forms began travelling through the constellations, to witness the experiments progress. Their first arrival on planet earth marked introduction of different species of fish, birds, plants and animals. Satisfied life could be supported in the human form, they introduced man.
What Energy did not know was that this creation called man had his free will and would not follow instructions. They wanted to ensure defiance to their plans would not happen again. Until they could resolve the issue they kept sending messengers to obey the word. They did not want to lose man, the prized expression of them all. They caused the messengers to follow the chosen path and gave him the commandments to keep, which was to be followed by all.  With time, they succeeded in creating the DNA they wanted.  They arrived. Not wanting to endanger a young life with this experiment, they impregnated an elderly woman (without her knowledge) who had passed her prime. Weeks later they were assured of her pregnancy. Her husband nearing the end of his time, could not accept his wife bearing a child. They did not want him to go in denial mode and struck him dumb, only to let him speak once the child was born and he accepted the child as his own. They stayed in their orbit and watched the child grow. They had succeeded in their efforts for he spoke and behaved as planned. He went about the land asking all to prepare for the arrival of the chosen one. Now they had to impregnate a woman untouched by man to ensure purity of their experiment. This was to be life extraordinaire. They found a young girl in the neighborhood who had just attained maturity. Having impregnated her, they  watched her progress. Those of advanced learning in the sub continent were informed of the experiment through thought. At the appointed hour, a few wise men were guided by beams of light from their starship. They were asked to follow the beam and see the new born. They had a role to perform later to enable the child carry his mission on earth. At the age of 12 he was invited by them to advanced centers of learning to gather wisdom of the sages. He spent 18 years at various centers, before deciding to return home. He had a Mission. He could not let life die. His teachings to all were "Love One Another". They thought he had come to reverse an established tradition and found fault in his teachings and actions. He was hounded and had to flee to the bushes. When his time had come, he looked upward and said " Father,Thy Will be done". Life did not want to loose itself to Death.This would be the absence of energy, which was at the beginning. Now energy in the form of man travels to newer spaces to ensure life continues in newer forms.                 Energy will reinvent itself.