You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.

You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Crime and Punishment

This refers to an incident at the time of Solomon ‘King of Israel’. Crime and Punishment were subjects dealt with by the King.  Solomon's judgment became known and was considered an example of profound wisdom. His judgements were considered a benchmark for others to follow. It was commonly said the neighbouring Kings would consider how Solomon would think. Answer got. Judgment given.
Aaron was King of a neighbouring province.
It happened once that a murderer was caught and brought to the king. A petty fight had led to the murder. The king thought for long and after hearing both sides pronounced, ‘Let the hands that caused this murder be chopped at the wrist.’ Hearing this his wife began to wail. “My Lord, these are the hands that feed us ..his aged parents, wife, and children. If these are chopped, then we will all die of hunger."

The king was unwilling to alter his pronouncement, but after hearing the wife, said, "If you care as much for him, then I shall rewrite my judgement. Let his left hand be chopped along with your left."    

She was shocked at hearing this, and began to weep. The king said,  "Now both of you will have your right hand to earn your living, while the missing left will remind you of the crime and punishment." The King further told her,"When you sympathize with the criminal and wish to alter my judgement, then you must be willing to accept part of the punishment awarded.” 
Do we sometimes unknowingly help those punished by God?
Do we seek God’s pardon on those we love, and by doing so try and alter his law of Crime and Punishment?

Do we by helping the condemned try to alter God’s judgement, thereby invite suffering on ourselves?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Garland..

Raj had moved into a new apartment in 1979. The complex was new, and they were one of the early occupants. It was a new township being developed. It was a practice then for a flower vendor to place a garland every morning at the door knob. As Raj opened his door, a leafed parcel would be there, and in it a small garland. Besides the garland would be a copy of the 'Daily Times'. He wondered who these generous souls were, to offer their services for free. At the end of the month the smart operators showed up and asked if he enjoyed receiving the daily news and the garland.
Raj enjoyed reading, and so asked the 'Times' be continued. He also liked receiving a garland daily, happily paid for the services and requested its continuance.
What followed next was strange. Every morning before Raj set out to work, he would collect the garland and hang it on the neck of the crucified lord. When the delivery was late, Raj would stay on until he had placed the garland on the lord's neck. His wife asked him one day, "Why risk your job by waiting for the garland to arrive." Raj said, 'Oh!', that's my problem solver.' I know I can't help having troubles on the job. But one thing is for sure, troubles don't belong in the house, with you my wife and children. So I just hang them up on his neck every dawn when I set off from home. When I get back at dusk, they are no more the problems I thought they were.' While hanging the garland he would tell the lord, 'Here is a garland on your neck. The flowers and leaves are the problems I would have to encounter today. Resolve them for me. No more do I ask of thee, than to keep me Happy for the Day.'   

Having said this Raj would set off to work. Strangely he noticed, while the problems did not diminish, there were always solutions at hand proposed by friends or colleagues, and the day ended happily. His faith in the garland increased as the vendor kept adding flowers to increase the value of his product. Raj knew it was added problems being strung. However he had no fear, as he also knew within him that once the garland was on the lord's neck, it was the lord who resolved it all for him. He would go about his daily chores as if nothing mattered other than doing his best. All he asked of the lord was to resolve his today of all its problems. While he was sure many others asked and received much more, for him it was enough to have his problems resolved, and he stay 'Happy for the Day'.
This simple technique of asking for happiness 'One Day at a Time' has seen him through many summers.
Today as he sits on an easy chair, retired from active life, and looks back at the Happy Life he led, he also looks at the crucified lord and the garland that hangs around his neck and wonders,
" What if it was not for him to carry my cross."