You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.

You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.
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Friday, November 28, 2014

KARMA - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.....

"Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect operating in the realm of human life, and bringing about adjustments between an individual and other individuals, whom he/she has affected by thoughts, words, actions."

Wanted to know how it all began. Knew I had found my answer when I read Genesis 3:19 “You will eat bread by the sweat of your forehead till you return to the ground - for you were taken out of it: you are dust, and you will return to dust." 
This was how it all began.The Creator had placed of set of rules when he created Man & Woman. This Man & Woman lived in Paradise, on a plane nearer the Heavens. Disobeying the Creator resulted in their fall. Now nothing could be got free of their sweat, for them & their offspring’s.They had to face the challenges and dissolve their bad karma with good deeds. This reincarnation would continue as long as they carried the karmic dust in which attachment to all things had been found. Karma, and the karmic carry forward by the energy generated in thought, word & deed, what is done and what is failed to be done. 
An individual's present situation is thereby explained in reference to actions in his present or previous lifetimes. Karma is the law producing consequence. This life is likened to a field in which our karma is the seed. We harvest exactly what we sow; no less, no more. Based on the total sum of past karma, some feel close to the Pure Being in this life and others feel separated.As a man himself sows, so he himself reaps; no man inherits the good or evil act of another man. The fruit is of the same quality as the action.Mahabharata, xii.291.22                             2 Corinthian 9:6  "Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously." 
In the eyes of higher beings, the purpose of human life is not merely to be human, but to awaken quickly on Earth and return to the higher plane of Paradise. 
That is what they really have in mind, when Matthew 7:7–8 says “ Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"  For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. If we are asking for material comforts we are binding ourselves on earth with no desire to return when they are opening the door. Those who fail to return will have no choice but to reincarnate, continuing until they amass a huge amount of karma and be either saved / destroyed. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Two States

Matthew 5:9 - " Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. "

Friday, November 7, 2014


When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples,  
“Who do people say the Son of Man is?”  
reincThey replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” (Matthew 16:13-20); (Mark 8:29); (Luke 9:18);
The Disciples named some of the earlier prophets. What does this mean? Rebirth was an accepted idea at the Time. It was only later the Church rejected this idea as a religious or philosophical concept (that the soul or spirit,after biological death,  begins a new life in a new body) as the doctrine of the eastern religions.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Look Within

You think you have lived and done No wrong       
Look within until you hear your song.                           

Hear the words for you that are penned                
Understand with care what the message is meant.

When you think you have said is the final word
Check if what you said is what is heard. 

You may fool the rest as you walk your way
But can you resonate with the words and sway

If Yes, You have lived your life my friend
and be at peace until your end...... 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Without his Father.....

All had gathered around the Priest who was busy chanting the Mantras... and then it was time for Kanyadaan ... when the father is supposed to give away his daughter - the bride.

Unfortunately her dad lost his way to the temple, and could not be located. The priest was getting impatient as Muhurat Time was flying by.

It was then Ram suggested that Dhunn's brother - 'FS', could also perform this rite. No screamed his wife 'Darling'. Not when FS' father is alive. The Pandit should wait. No one should take the father's place in this rite. It was to be only his privilege to give away his daughter. Ram waited until Dhunn's Dad arrived.

A year later a child was born unto Prakash & Dhunn. Their little princess, their Duniya. "It was time they had a dwelling of their own" Dhunn said. Her parents nudged Prakash, and so did the rest in the house.

Dhunn's brother 'FS' decided to take the lead and show him places around where they lived. Dhunn encouraged them to finalize a dwelling without delay. And they did.

But this time it was without Ram - Prakash's father.  

Death of a Namesake

The doorbell rang. The postman greeted him as he opened the door.
There was a Government Decree to deliver. A death Certificate.
His Death Certificate.He died as he read this. He dies as he writes this.
A New is Born Within  ... to be continued

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Butterfly Effect

Perhaps you have heard of it earlier. The term was coined as an example of a hurricane being caused by the flapping of a butterfly’s wings...........They call it ............... The Butterfly effect.

It was 4.00 am when the bell rang. Nudged by his wife, he rose to collect the call. As he lifted the receiver he heard the loud sobs. Was it a bad dream, or was this for real. Little did the caller realize the time, for it was: 8.30 am :Canberra-Australia. We are pleased when Domino No 5 falls. But not so happy when Domino No 99 falls.To put it simply, every action has its consequences….. and sometimes even inaction facilitates a consequence. Let the idea sink in, unless you want to be victim of this effect

They were neighbors at their very own El-Dorado. Her husband and he were good friends. They met every other evening for a draught of chilled beer. The weather was perpetually hot, and the drink was a refreshing way to start the evening. A watch of the belly dance and then both homeward. This was their routine for a decade. 
The families grew bigger and older with time..... And then she took the call.  It is these small decisions, the actions we barely take notice of that we should give thought to of their future ramifications. But it is worth noting the effects of their action. 

She insisted they move to Canberra. Her best friend and colleagues were there. She was informed of the lifestyle, the wide expanse of green, and the ever pleasant weather. Actions done at the time with little thought given beyond the moment that developed into something for which ‘Hurricane’ would be an appropriate analogy.

When they next met at the Pub and on being told of their plans, he asked them of his aged parents. Who would tend to them? The best solution to a problem is the one that averts the problem to begin with. 

In response he was told he had a commitment to his kids. Here education was nothing much to speak of. Canberra was their future. And he ended by saying when the time comes he would migrate his parents too. So that worry ticked off. Nobody can predict the future with accuracy. Only Time can Tell.

They moved to Canberra after which communication ceased. They were busy settling at their new abode. Houses kept changing until they found one they liked. This was nearer to a township with Indian migrants. They felt at home amidst their own in a strange land. Events occur that are not within our control, that are directly related to the choices we make. 

His Father died while his Mother lives in solitude. Avoidance isn't an option unless you plan to leave the room...and No one wants to leave the room before time.

Another decade went by and then the bomb fell. Their only son walked out on them. Shell shocked. Never knew the what or why of it. He walked out of home with a new man friend. Wanted to lead life on his terms and have nothing of them. Actions produce results… that’s the nature of life… reaction is definite. Sometimes we don't see the problem until it falls right on top of us.. and then of course it is too late..

She could think of no one to turn to at this hour and then she called. It was 4.00 am…….Just a reminder that our decisions can sometimes cascade like a Domino effect ...or as they say .......... the Butterfly effect.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Devil's Workshop

Dhunn and Prakash were married as was her need. It was only after her entry into the family, that equations in the family began to change.
Ram saw through the Games she played, using his son as the Trojan. Lies and Deception came all too easily to her, in a way that others wouldn't know the difference between Truth and False.

One morning, Ram was on his way to fetch their daily bread, when Prakash opted to join his dad, and a moment later Dhunn too was in their company.

As they stood in line waiting to be served, Dhunn saw a fly whizzing above the sweets, wanting to seat aloft the Jalebis.        
Conversing with Prakash and Ram, she said 'These Flies spread Disease,' and gave it a Smack with the Daily News she had at hand.
This got the fly stuck to the wall. It did not die, but got stuck in its own mix, and began to wriggle.
This was what the Lizard sitting on the Post saw.

The line of morning clients moved slowly, and in line was Mr Kishen with Bruno- his Alsatian.
Pussy the shop keepers pet cat, strolled by as was her morning routine. She purred as she brushed past the legs of those in line, until she saw Bruno and retreated. Bruno likewise, cocked his ears when Pussy passed by.

As was her habit, Pussy glazed at the ceiling and  saw the lizard move in quiet movements. She did not know why Liz was in slow motion, but thought she could be good breakfast. Her tail stood erect. Sensing trouble, Bruno too got into Attention. Liz Never knew the fly was in Status Quo.
As Liz got close enough, she knew it was Now or Never, and darted her tongue to grasp the Fly on the Wall.        
Pussy knew this was the moment she waited for, and leapt for Liz. Bruno followed as if to catch Pussy in mid-air.
The leash he was hooked on, panned across the plate that held the sweets.

Before anyone could react, the plate was air borne and with it the sweets, flying in all direction.
The enraged shop keeper got into an heated argument with Mr Kishen, and in the ensuing melee stabbed him. Soon one could hear the sirens wailing. The Ambulance and Cops were on their way.

Ram asked Dhunn why she did what she did. She thought she did a Good Act by Swapping at the Fly.
Ram said, ' You should have either killed the Fly or Let it fly away. Leaving it the way you did, caused a series of actions, leading to the Death of an Innocent.' Dhunn took umbrage of this and told Prakash,
' This is how I always get blamed by your dad.'  Ram was shocked by the way she spoke, and wondered why her mind was  'The Devil's Workshop'

Friday, June 6, 2014

Children of the Other Gods..

Energy spread itself and began manifesting in different forms. On its Potential it acquired status. Most forms of energy were in relative closeness to each other, creating similar and dissimilar forms of life, and sought their allegiance. Man took birth. Different energy forms created their own and were ordained as their God.

Some Gods created men who were stronger than others. People born into slavery were seeking redemption. To them was born their deliverer who would pray and seek deliverance of his people. His god assured deliverance and sought their allegiance.

This pact was sealed in the commandments, the First Four being in his service, [Exodus 19 –23] the greatest obligation (to worship only him their God). The stone tablets were placed in the Ark of the Covenant [Exodus 25:21].

With time they drifted, and started worshiping other gods. They had broken the covenant and would have to pay for the folly. God promised he would send forth a redeemer. "From this man's descendants God has brought to Israel the Savior as promised. [Acts 13:23]

And she (Mary) shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name JESUS: for He shall save His people from their sins. [Matthew 1:21]

Jesus spoke of the lost sheep and how he had come to save them. [Luke 15: 1-7] He came to restore the relationship the Jews had with God. The Commandment he gave is, "You shall Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with your entire mind.”

While Jesus came to save his tribe, he also came to draw people to Accept his God. ‘And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature’. [Mark 16:15]

In the Testament the people of this God were the Jews.
[Deuteronomy 33:26-27] " There is No One like the God of Israel"

The Egyptians had theirs and so did the Greeks, Indian, and Chinese.

These were the Children of the other Gods

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weep Not for Me..

In John 12:9-11, after raising Lazarus from the dead, crowds gather around Jesus and believe in him. The next day the multitudes that had gathered for the feast in Jerusalem welcome Jesus as he enters Jerusalem.

1968 (Mumbai) - Time to elect a new leader to represent them in parliament. The leader to be elected was appointed from above. It was a sham they cried, as riots broke out. Those owing allegiance to the appointed candidate were targeted. Battle lines were drawn. The city was in flames, divided along these lines. They were not on their side. The family decided to relocate once peace reigned.

In Matthew 21:1-11, as Jesus descends from the Mount of Olives towards Jerusalem the crowds lay their clothes on the ground to welcome Jesus as he triumphantly enters Jerusalem.

1970 (Mumbai) - Uncle Mateo moved to the Hill, a decade later Raj moved to the valley of darkness. Seated on the hill, he felt lost. His children had left home to seek their fortune. They went their ways, and he had no choice but to work past retirement.

The Sanhedrin trial of Jesus following his midnight arrest, and Pilate washing his hands off Jesus as he is led to his crucifixion.Following him was a crowd of women mourning and lamenting..  

1984 (    ) - A midnight call informing Uncle Mateo was hospitalized at the Emerald. No sooner did he see Raj he wept. He wanted to go home with him. Be with family. His children on hearing his failing health rushed to be by his side. He was No More. They began to weep.  

Luke 23:28 Jesus turned and said to them," Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me; weep for yourselves and for your children."

Sunday, April 6, 2014

If there is a God

December 15th1986 - the 349th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. The doctor had confirmed his wife would deliver within the year. 16 more days for the year to end. It was Monday and he was set to leave for home when the phone rang. He was asked to attend the Director’s meeting at the South end of the city.  The clock struck 6.00 Upset at the late call, he had no choice, knew he had to attend.
The meeting concluded at 9.00 pm. He wished all present a 'Good Night' and rushed to the nearest railway station. As he got to the platform he saw a train about to leave. He dodged the crowds and got aboard. The hour was late, so seeing a less than full compartment was no surprise. He had a full hour to go by to reach his destination. Half an hour later he felt a tap on his shoulder. The train had reached its destination and was headed for the yard. He quickly disembarked and blamed himself for not having checked the destination of this train. As he stood tired and forlorn on the platform, he saw a fast local heading for the next platform. Wanting to get home ASAP, he ran across the bridge till he was at the door of the compartment, jammed to the door with no one willing to budge. Not wanting to let go this train, he decided to stand on the ledge, which is a small foot strip at the far end of the coach with two handle bars. Many a time he had seen dare devils stand on the ledge. The journey would not be more than twenty minutes. So he stood here with his briefcase straddled between his legs.
The train left the platform with a powerful thrust and then the nightmare began. As it picked speed, the ‘G’ forces thrust him on a centrifugal path. He could feel the wind push his briefcase in tangent. His legs felt numb, his hands gripped tight the handlebar as he clung to dear life. The next two stations whizzed by. He only had to hold on for a few more minutes and his destination would have arrived. The next minute seemed like eternity. His head started spinning, his legs began to wobble. He was losing grip on the handle bar and kept missing the electric poles as the wind brushed his rear. He could now see the angel of death smile. He did not want to meet her so soon. He pleaded, she kept smiling. It was then he said 'if there is a God,' I pray this angel meet me after I have seen the face of my newborn.
Won’t cry wheImagen the time comes for I've lived a wonderful life.’
He did not know what happened next. It seemed he was standing in the rain for a long time as the spray struck his face. His first word on gaining consciousness was Where am I’. Lying on the platform he saw a hundred faces stare at him as though he was dead. He wasn't, and remembered his prayer ‘If there is a God, save me. A shiver ran down his spine. Six days later a son was born unto him and he named him after his god.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crystal Chandelier.........

Paul reminded of an incident missed in my last blog. Sorry for that. Did not think I would forget it. Had to get back. So here goes "…….."

The Ship flashed an 'SOS' after having developed a major crack and was on the verge of being abandoned. As Foreman of the Boatyard, Ralph was asked to help. He left for the High Seas with his team, where he got sand bags laid at the other end of the ship. This idea ensured the better half of the ship weighed down and the cracked area surfaced, helping the welders seal the crack.
The Englishman appreciated the way the problem was resolved and presented Ralph a 'Crystal Chandelier' in recognition of his problem solving skills. Ralph handed the Chandelier to his first son - Tom.  

The following Sunday, Ralph decided to visit Tom and see how the Chandelier enhanced Tom's home. At the gate, he was told Tom was busy entertaining guests and would see him soon. The wait seemed endless as no one bothered to attend to Ralph now seated at the portico. Upset at being ignored for long, Ralph struck the Chandelier with his walking stick. There was an ominous noise as Ralph moved towards the exit and the chandelier came crashing down and shattered on the marble floor.
The sound of breaking glass reverberated through the entire house. Tom heard the noise and hurried to see what had happened. Stunned guests lingered at the edge of the hall staring at a sea of smashed crystal. Slivers of glass scattered into every corner. Ralph saw Vera appear followed by others. From the gallery above the hall children playfully gazed down onto the glinting shards. The carcass of the chandelier lay inert on the floor, with coloured lights shimmering through its prisms in a show of pointless magic. The glass crunched underfoot, and tinkled when brushed away.
Vera was unnerved by the broken chandelier. She took it as a sign of the crash she planned in Tom's family. She got Tom show Ralph the Gate. It was here a heated argument got started between father and son and in the heat of the moment Tom asked Ralph 'not to step in again and he would next see him at his grave'.  'Veronica's' now seemed a reality. 

Friday, February 14, 2014


"Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon."—Isaiah 55:7.
I met Joyce last evening, and as I walked about the house my thoughts raced back to 1922….

Tom and Vera married pompously in the summer of 1922. Ralph was quiet at the celebrations. Tom had an argument earlier in the day and told Ralph he would make his life miserable if his wedding celebrations did not go as planned. Ralph said nothing, just let it be the way it was meant to be.
A year earlier Tom had graduated High School and as the eldest son of a father he admired, expressed his desire to join the shipyard. Ralph would travel by the buggy - a horse drawn carriage, symbol of the elite, in this quaint little town nestled in the backwaters.
Ralph introduced Tom to the Englishman who owned the yard. Seeing Tom’s enthusiasm to earn and learn, Ralph let Tom join the yard. It was here he met Vera, a sprightly young girl from a poor family and resident of a distant village. At her first introduction she learnt Tom was Ralph’s son. Her eyes were now only for Tom. The rest never existed. Tom was smitten by her charm and thought he had found his mate. Someone who would make a good wife and mother. Little did he know the tragedy that was to befall?
The marriage was a grand affair at the Town Hall. All who mattered were present. And then the story began to unfold. As wife, she began to poison Tom’s mind, instigating him to have Ralph retire and take the post. He could then drive his own buggy to work.
It was winter when Ralph fell ill and Tom took this opportunity to meet the Englishman and tell him of Ralph’s failing health and inabilities. Tom presented himself as a natural heir to his father’s chair. The Englishman thought it a good idea and conceded. The Notice next morning announced Tom as the new Foreman of the Yard. It was a month later when Ralph got back to work, found his son seated on his chair. Shocked at this demeanor and more shocked to read of his Retirement. 
Family is who we look to. We expect them to always be there for us. They are our blood. When a family member doesn't live up to our expectations we feel abandoned, sad, alone and angry.His Own Owned him Not.
He turned back, and walked out of the office and out of their lives. He knew Tom was played upon by Vera. He could never forgive Tom for this act. 
Now with Ralph out of their lives Vera knew she would have Tom eating out of her hands. Vera’s parents and siblings soon arrived. They were now permanent at this abode. They could never have imagined their Vera would lead them from their  single room to this Palatial house.
Tom’s earnings were all squashed in buying expensive gifts for Vera and her siblings. Then tragedy struck. Tom took ill and had difficulty in swallowing. The Doctors attending on him were helpless, as medical science was still in its infancy. Tom lay on bed with a steady gaze at the door and a heavy breath. All had given up on Tom’s survival. Death did not. Seeing his pain, the village elders gathered at Ralph’s home, and asked him to forgive Tom for whatever he had said or done. Ralph agreed to visit Tom.
Next morning as Ralph walked into the room Tom’s eyes went moist on seeing his father. Ralph took a spoon of water and placed it on Tom’s lips. Tom let the water flow down his throat and breathed his last.
The funeral was held later that afternoon. Vera ensured none of Tom’s relatives stayed back. Slowly her  
brother took charge of her life. The house was sold to an Anglican based in Borneo, and all her belongings shipped to the same village where she had first come from. Her old room was no longer there, and in its place stood a palatial home..................     'Veronicas'

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Sacrifice.........

It was the guilt of the man that kept troubling him?
He tried to sleep, but sleep came not. Weeks turned to Months. Sleeplessness was now his way of life.
Although in thought, he knew he had challenged the creator and it was this thought that troubled him.
How was he to recompense for the challenge he threw to the lord.
How could he get back his sleep?
Sacrifices at the altar were the order of the day.
Would a sacrifice be good enough?
What if he proposes to sacrifice himself in retribution?
Would he get his peace with the lord?
What if his sacrifice was accepted?
That would be the end of his lifetime. Not a Good idea.
Maybe he could rework the offer.
He could sacrifice what/whom he loved the most.
He told his family of his plans to render an offering to the lord, as a cure to his state of mind. Came dawn and with him marched his son as help. He traversed the plains until he arrived at a lonely spot.
He loved his son the most. His son could be his sacrifice. Wait. What if his son died in the process?
He knew his wife could bear him no further progeny? That would then be the end of his lineage. He decided to rework his offer.  He picked a lamb that was part of his retinue. He could sacrifice this lamb, symbolic of his submission.
He wanted the lord to accept this as his sacrifice and promised to never ever challenge his creator again.
Do we make such sacrifices today…


Pramukh, DuiMukh and Hasmukh were the renowned trio of the Mukhi family. Pramukh true to his name was the leader in all situations. He was like Bhima of yore. Ready for a fight anytime, everytime. Duimukh, as was his name had a split personality. A modern day Jekyl and Hyde. He enjoyed the vices as if they were his forté. A Drunk and a Womanizer he fathered kids beyond the known. Hasmukh, the youngest wore a pleasant smile. True to his name he wanted to be happy and would go  beyond his means to ensure others too were.
Maharishi Valmiki was born as Ratnakara to sage Prachetasa. At a very young age, Ratnakara went into the forest and got lost. A hunter, who was passing by, saw Ratnakara and took him under his own care. Under the love and care of his foster parents, Ratnakara forgot his original parents.   
Mukhi  was Mukhia at the local boatyard. As team leader he had to issue work instructions to the labour. Unfortunately his family was huge and his last three kids to his new wife were born after he had crossed 60 years of age. By the time Hasmukh was 5,  Mukhi’s services were no longer required at the yard. With the meager savings the family managed the next decade. But times were tough.
Under his father's guidance, Ratnakara turned out to be an excellent hunter. As he approached marriageable age, Ratnakara was married to a beautiful girl from hunter's family.As his family grew larger, Ratnakara found it next to impossible to feed them.
The family found it difficult to keep the kitchen fires burning. The boys had to stop their education midway and venture into the unknown. This was how they landed in the city-in search of a job. Hasmukh found an assignment at a factory and soon could refer his brothers to jobs in other established companies.
As a result, he took to robbery and began looting people passing from one village to another.
Now that earnings were assured, they needed to have a more decent abode, a distant cry from their present,  where 18 of them were cramped in bunker beds 3 to a column. The three soon got married to women of their choice.
One day, the great sage Narada, while passing through the jungle, was attacked by Ratnakara. As Narada played his Veena and sang praises of the Lord, he saw a transformation coming over Ratnakara.
Lighthouse – a sea fronting villa was seen by Hasmukh in search of a new apartment. His brothers liked the new abode. Money changed hands . Hasmukh paid major while the other two paid the balance. Deal settled, the landlord informed he could put just one name on the tenancy contract. Hasmukh unhesitatingly suggested 'Pramukh' as he was eldest.
Then, he asked Ratnakara whether the family, for whom he was robbing others, will partake in his sins also.
Pramukh’s wife on realising the house was in their name did not hesitate to create a situation where Duimukh and Hasmukh had no choice but to pack their bags. She encouraged Pramukh to visit the local bar, and come home drunk. In a drunken state a fight would ensue and utensils would be flying. Finally Hasmukh and Duimukh decided to move away.
Ratnakara went to ask the same question to his family and on being refused by all his family members;
Hasmukh sought his share, Pramukh promised that whenever the house was sold, the money  received would be shared in proportion to the investment. Hasmukh walked out empty handed with his wife and kids.
he went back to sage Narada who taught him the sacred name of 'Rama' and asked him to sit in meditation, chanting the name of Rama, till the time Narada came back.
24 years later Pramukh informed Hasmukh that he planned to sell the house and shift to a bigger apartment. Hasmukh reminded him of his share in the pie. This set the clock back. Pramukh wanted to consult his wife before a decision could be arrived at. The wife would have none of it. 9 years after Pramukh’s death the family decided to shift to a new apartment in the distant suburb. When Hasmukh asked Pramukh's family for his share, they feigned ignorance and knew none of the commitment.
Ratnakara followed the instructions and kept sitting in a meditative posture for years, during which his body got completely covered by an anthill. At last, Narada came to see him and removed all the anthills from his body. Then, he told Ratnakara that his tapasya (meditation) paid off and the God was pleased with him. Ratnakara was bestowed with the honor of a Brahmarshi and given the name of Valmiki, since he was reborn from the Valmika (the ant-hill). Sage Valmiki founded his ashram at the banks of River Ganga.
Hasmukh was disheartened, but was happy to watch his children do well and settle happily. But happiness seemed elusive to the other. Was the past catching up.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Teacher Taught

'You Have to Know History to Actually Teach It'
She was taken aboard as the Physical education Teacher with her forte' being swimming. Certificates produced at the interview were enough to have the management hide their glee on having a renowned swimmer in their midst. Never checked the authenticity. No one ever witnessed the swimming classes she conducted. Although the school produced brilliant swimmers, who won awards for the Institution, she never once entered the waters. Her swimming lessons were theoretical. A swing of the hand, a flap of the feet, as she stood on the kerb of the pool and encouraged her wards in water.
A few years later her class was on picnic to the waterfront resort. White water rafting a Challenging Recreational outdoor activity of using an inflatable raft to navigate a river. This activity as a leisure sport has become popular, and steered by a tour guide at the stern. Today she was the Guide for her class.
The river was in full pride and as the waters roared, she lost balance and into the water fell. It is considered an extreme sport, and can at times be fatal. Seeing her struggle, one of her students leapt into the river and managed to drag her ashore.
Theory never is Practice. Was The Teacher Taught.