You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.

You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Crime and Punishment

This refers to an incident at the time of Solomon ‘King of Israel’. Crime and Punishment were subjects dealt with by the King.  Solomon's judgment became known and was considered an example of profound wisdom. His judgements were considered a benchmark for others to follow. It was commonly said the neighbouring Kings would consider how Solomon would think. Answer got. Judgment given.
Aaron was King of a neighbouring province.
It happened once that a murderer was caught and brought to the king. A petty fight had led to the murder. The king thought for long and after hearing both sides pronounced, ‘Let the hands that caused this murder be chopped at the wrist.’ Hearing this his wife began to wail. “My Lord, these are the hands that feed us ..his aged parents, wife, and children. If these are chopped, then we will all die of hunger."

The king was unwilling to alter his pronouncement, but after hearing the wife, said, "If you care as much for him, then I shall rewrite my judgement. Let his left hand be chopped along with your left."    

She was shocked at hearing this, and began to weep. The king said,  "Now both of you will have your right hand to earn your living, while the missing left will remind you of the crime and punishment." The King further told her,"When you sympathize with the criminal and wish to alter my judgement, then you must be willing to accept part of the punishment awarded.” 
Do we sometimes unknowingly help those punished by God?
Do we seek God’s pardon on those we love, and by doing so try and alter his law of Crime and Punishment?

Do we by helping the condemned try to alter God’s judgement, thereby invite suffering on ourselves?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Garland..

Raj had moved into a new apartment in 1979. The complex was new, and they were one of the early occupants. It was a new township being developed. It was a practice then for a flower vendor to place a garland every morning at the door knob. As Raj opened his door, a leafed parcel would be there, and in it a small garland. Besides the garland would be a copy of the 'Daily Times'. He wondered who these generous souls were, to offer their services for free. At the end of the month the smart operators showed up and asked if he enjoyed receiving the daily news and the garland.
Raj enjoyed reading, and so asked the 'Times' be continued. He also liked receiving a garland daily, happily paid for the services and requested its continuance.
What followed next was strange. Every morning before Raj set out to work, he would collect the garland and hang it on the neck of the crucified lord. When the delivery was late, Raj would stay on until he had placed the garland on the lord's neck. His wife asked him one day, "Why risk your job by waiting for the garland to arrive." Raj said, 'Oh!', that's my problem solver.' I know I can't help having troubles on the job. But one thing is for sure, troubles don't belong in the house, with you my wife and children. So I just hang them up on his neck every dawn when I set off from home. When I get back at dusk, they are no more the problems I thought they were.' While hanging the garland he would tell the lord, 'Here is a garland on your neck. The flowers and leaves are the problems I would have to encounter today. Resolve them for me. No more do I ask of thee, than to keep me Happy for the Day.'   

Having said this Raj would set off to work. Strangely he noticed, while the problems did not diminish, there were always solutions at hand proposed by friends or colleagues, and the day ended happily. His faith in the garland increased as the vendor kept adding flowers to increase the value of his product. Raj knew it was added problems being strung. However he had no fear, as he also knew within him that once the garland was on the lord's neck, it was the lord who resolved it all for him. He would go about his daily chores as if nothing mattered other than doing his best. All he asked of the lord was to resolve his today of all its problems. While he was sure many others asked and received much more, for him it was enough to have his problems resolved, and he stay 'Happy for the Day'.
This simple technique of asking for happiness 'One Day at a Time' has seen him through many summers.
Today as he sits on an easy chair, retired from active life, and looks back at the Happy Life he led, he also looks at the crucified lord and the garland that hangs around his neck and wonders,
" What if it was not for him to carry my cross."

Monday, October 21, 2013

Before the Cock Crows Twice....

From the window I could see a bunch of fresh flowers sway in the morning wind, water droplets dripping drop by drop on to the window panes and then splashing droplets on my face. I could feel the freshness of cool breeze touching my face as if in invitation. I went out in the garden, the air was so fresh that it relieved my mind. 
Kids were playing in the street, sailing paper boats on the locked water… A young couple enjoying the first rain as they walked down the street returning from their morning walk. I smiled at them,
Good morning’…a familiar greeting forced me to turn back and there she was holding lot of stuff in hand … I said, "Aunty, Mummy is not home".
She said, “it’s raining and I don’t have an umbrella and got some stuff to carry”.
Dad came from inside and said “Come inside let the rain abate and then you may go.
No brother I got to go … Anto will be waiting for me to pack his Tiffin as he readies for college”.
As I walked her home, she asked me if I had recently met Anto. I replied in the positive and that I had seen him with a few friends walk down the street in a direction opposite to where she came from a while earlier, as she was returning from church.
She thought she too had seen him at a distant, but as the group got closer she did not find him in the crowd. I told her that seated in my balcony, I had seen him hide behind the block and waited for her to pass by. He was afraid his friends would ridicule him after seeing his mother in her attire. Anto always wore a pretense about himself. He spoke ‘Queen’s English’ to his siblings knowing they understood No word of what he said. But it was English, and they were all proud of him.
On arriving home, she told Anto that she saw him disappear in the crowd, when she wanted him help her carry some of the stuff. He sheepishly grinned and tried telling her to resist wearing the traditional outfit and opt for something that was worn by the younger generation. She knew he was in denial of his mother. He was ashamed of her. Recalled the passage she heard that morning …. Matthew 26:34, 'Jesus tells Peter that before the cock crows twice, Peter will deny him thrice.'  

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good Animal Lost...... Bad Human Gained

Raj had arrived at Maximum City in search of livelihood. As he disembarked the train that brought him from the southern tip of the continent, he saw the stream of passengers heading for the exit and followed suit. Having heard tales of the city from travelers he was wonderstruck at seeing the tall edifices, with its gothic architecture. Wandering the streets not knowing where he could find abode, he arrived at the entrance of a Chemical store.
As he sat tired and forlorn, Shaw the owner walked in and wanted to know who he was. Raj told him he was in search of food to quell his hunger. Shaw said he could be employed if he was willing to learn and earn his living. Terms agreed, Raj started as a Helper. It was the only menial task available. Unloading stocks from the mezzanine when required for sale.
One day the counter salesman absented.  Shaw called Raj and asked him how far he had studied. Pat came the reply, ‘Matric fail Sir.
Can you stand in for the counter salesman for today?
Ever willing, Raj took charge of his new assignment and at closing hours, Shaw noticed he did a better sale for the day. As the shutters were being downed, Shaw asked Raj what was his paycheck.
Raj said ‘100 a day Sir’.
Shaw promoted Raj to counter salesman @ 150 per day. Raj was all Smiles. He  knew why they called this the 'City of Dreams.' Months passed by and the business grew. Shaw established a Manufacturing facility for the Chemicals he sold. Shaw was now Director of the establishment.
Once an ‘Advance’ was collected for a consignment. Unfortunately it was not available on Time. The client who placed the order created a ruckus demanding refund. No sooner had the client left the Consignment arrived. The outdoor salesman not being at hand, Shaw asked Raj if he could deliver the goods. He knew the client would not want the goods as his needs were met. Under instruction of not asking for balance payment Raj had only to deliver the goods and return. He did, but on arrival presented Shaw with a balance check and another Order from the client.
Shaw was astounded and asked Raj how he could do it. Raj told him how he explained the usefulness of the product. Impressed the client multiplied the order.
Shaw asked Raj what was his paycheck. ‘150 per day Sir,’ came the reply.How far had he studied. ‘Matric fail Sir.’  
Well said Shaw, from today you are an Outdoor Salesman @ 300 per day. The business expanded. The Chemical manufacturing facility grew by leaps and bounds.    
25 years passed by. It was the silver jubilee celebrations of Shaw Enterprises. Shaw was Chairman and Raj the Managing Director.
The chairman wanted the celebrations at the grounds adjacent to their first store. As they arrived, in their long drawn cars the Chairman placed a hand on the MD’s shoulders and said ‘Raj do you remember 25 years before when it all started between us.’  How could Raj forget. And as the Chairman waxed eloquent, Raj excused himself and ran towards the store. Climbed the stairs and began unloading the Cans. Later as Raj got back the Chairman who was waiting for the event to be declared open, asked Raj how far he studied  ‘Matric fail Sir.’. And what is your paycheck today ‘10,000 per day sir.’ 'Why what happened?' I was wondering why you ran into the store.' I noticed there was a help short, and so the unloading was not happening as wanted.

The Chairman wondered whether he lost a good helper and got a bad Managing Director.  

Sometimes the way we live, God maybe wondering if he has lost a Good Animal and got a Bad Human.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Night Watchman

He was the New Factory Manager and the Company was British. Raj was his name and the Raj was also British. He had just received a telegram that announced the arrival of a delegation from London and as part of their itinerary included a visit to this factory, which would find mention in their report to the Directors back home.  It was the prerogative of every Manager to put his best foot forward at such times.
A favourable report meant your next posting could be on a plum assignment Overseas. The Factory got a new coat of whitewash, while all the machines a fresh shade of Opal Green. The day the delegation arrived, the factory was spotlessly clean.

Someone noticed the handrails and balusters looked their age. Immediately the polishers were summoned to give it fresh lease of life as though this was the cream on the cake in welcoming the Guest.
Not to take a chance with any employee fingerprinting the freshly coated handrails, one of the polishers

who seemed equally polished at his speech, was placed at the landing. His task was to caution all approaching of the wet paint on the railings.

The delegation had come and gone. Years went by and every morning he would religiously take to his post in the midst of all cacophony of the loud machinery in the Factory. He was now a regular, made friends with all and had a Money lending Fund operational.

All were in Gratis for his funds helped them tide over difficult times. He stood at his post for 5 years now, until one day he stopped attending work. Recently he had been advanced 9 Million as loan and a couple of the staff stood guarantee.
Until now, no Manager ever ventured to ask him his line of work. No one ever asked why he sat - where he sat. The management tried calling all resources they hired from, only to realize he was never on any of their rolls.
Sitting in his villa somewhere on the coast of Goa, is a bloke who had strategically planned his retirement and been managing a Fund, estimated at 10 Million and still counting as he gulped his Feni'.

And no one even knew his whereabouts or his name.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Big Fight....

Energy had split at the Big Bang and kept spreading itself. Energy wanted to be everywhere, and in all forms conceived. This started the evolution of Creation.
Creation of the Heavens as an abode for the splits of energy. Creation of the Stars as far as it could travel and fill space with its light.
Among these Creations was that of the Earth. Creation of Water to fill the Earth. Creation of creatures to fill land, water and air. The process of creation was slow.
Energy was not satisfied with all its creations, and thought of creating one like itself. He had to choose a split of energy to give life to this creation called 'Man'. The split nearest to the Supreme Energy assumed he would be assigned this task. Energy picked another to give man life. This caused a Revolution of sorts in the Heavens.The nearest until now was also a powerful source of energy, but not Supreme. The other nearest split was the 'Prince of Light'. 
Soon the Heavens thundered with the warring sides. The one who had led the revolt was pushed out of the realms of light into the darkness of space.Energy wanted to be everywhere but could not. Thus was born the 'Prince of Darkness' who with all splits of energy who owed him allegiance spread themselves and took control of the Night.
Where Light could not gain access, Darkness took over.
Man born of the likeness of the Supreme, was tempted through thought by the 'Prince of Darkness' to disobey the Creator. This caused the Fall of Man. While the splits of energy who were aligned with the 'Supreme' were assigned different roles in the Heavens, all had to be continually in Praise of the Supreme. Soon they realized that Man had the senses which they had not. This caused another Revolution, with many of them tired of Glorifying, now wanting to experience life in the human form. Supreme let them make their choice, on the precondition that they could enter the Heavens only when 'Pure'. This was more difficult than imagined. The 'Prince of Darkness' could now increase numbers, by advising humans to disobey the Creator. The fight started eons ago, continues to this day. How have we led our lives in this lifetime?

Have we been led by the 'Prince of Light' or the 'Prince of Darkness'..??

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Changing Times......

The guests had arrived. As a young lad he was expected to genuflect and touch the feet of all elders.   This was the way his parents had ingrained. He had crossed his teens, but the reverential genuflects never stopped. Every time an elder came calling, he knew it was routine time.

Having stepped into employment, he was now contributing to the family kitty, and secretly indulged in the pleasure of knowing he was to be married soon. It would now be his turn to have generation next touch his feet whenever he entered home. His 'Time would now Come.'

His boys were born in quick succession immediately after marriage. Years passed by, as he waited his turn. Even for people of his vintage, the simple act of folding one’s hands when introduced had all but disappeared. Times were changing.

As he got home from work, he would find an assortment of teens all over the place and be asked by his sons to make way and let them be. This meant he had to leave the room for them. His dilemma of being an outsider in his own home was reinforced by the nervous giggles from the girls.

The traditional greeting he grew up with was respectful. But would the younger lot adopt this form of greeting? Instead he had to deal with boys & girls boldly leaning forward to plant that peck on the cheek.

He had to accept the casual ‘hi uncle’ or 'hey Raj' from kids in the neighborhood. He had NO problems with being uncle'd, but several with hi or yesterdays kids calling him by his first name.

Where do we see today’s cool kids touch the feet of their elders to seek their blessings on their birthdays , or other events of importance forgetting the daily genuflect.

He grew up doing just that. The emotions generated via that simple gesture was worth the time invested in it. Folding hands, bowing ones head in the presence of those who have lived longer years on planet earth, instills a sense of humility and respect. It works both ways. You show respect, you get respect.

For him his 'Time Never Came.'

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Meaning of Life..

1976 - as a young trainee at Godrej & Boyce - Mumbai, Raj was eager to learn the intricacies of engineering. Why and how things happen? His mind in quest as he spent his working hours with the machines.
Given to talking extempore on matters of head and heart, the Plant Manager noticed whenever he arrived at the breakfast table Seniors would gather to hear him speak.
One morning the Plant Manager called him to his cabin and wanted to know a little more of him. Finally the Plant Manager exclaimed in a loud voice, as though it was his Eureka moment, “I have found my candidate.”
Young man tomorrow you are reporting at the Head office. On inquiring further, Raj learnt he was being transferred to Sales. Raj would have none of it, and told the Manager so. The Manager thundered, “This is my order.” Raj retorted that he never took Orders, and would never get into an assignment for which he had no interest.
Later that evening he got a Memo with Orders to report to HO the next morning.
Raj simultaneously handed the Manager a page. The Manager was dumbfounded on reading it. ‘Do you know what you are doing young man? You were selected from a few hundred candidates. This is a Permanent Job. And because of this transfer you decide to resign! Do you understand what this
means?’ Raj kept silent.
A moment later he said, 'When my life is Temporary, how can my job which is a part of my lifetime be Permanent?'  The Manager never knew what struck him. Never heard such words from another till date.

- Modena Industries Dubai. He walked to the reception and informed he was there for a meeting with Mr Abdulla the CMD. As he entered the cabin, Mr Abdulla was confused. The resume he held was impressive, Not the man in front of him.
He wondered if he was the same Raj mentioned in the resume. As the interview progressed, Mr Abdulla called up Mr. Yasin the GM of a company that contracted Raj 12 years earlier. Yasin remembered Raj, and told Mr Abdulla not to hesitate in contracting him.
Not convinced if it was right to engage Raj, Mr Abdulla said he would contract him through a Visit Visa, and understand his usefulness to the Project. Raj agreed. Mr Abdulla said he meant it would be two visit visas by which time he would be able to evaluate him.
Raj agreed to two visit visas, and replied, ‘No one is permanent anywhere. We are all on a Visit to Planet Earth. You are visiting Dubai and I Mumbai. If you abide by the terms of engagement I continue. Else Breakfast with you, Lunch with my wife.’
It was the first time Mr Abdulla heard anyone speak like this. Raj told him, 'Life is given to us, moment by moment in a string of moments, strung together with our life force. Let’s concentrate our thoughts on this present moment, and let existence guide us into the next, coming to us as nothing but another present moment.'

Friday, April 26, 2013

Funeral March....

They spoke in whisper of a curse that befell the family where no son would inherit the mantle.
Silverstone’s wife had given birth to a son after five daughters. Celebration time and all were part of it. No sooner had the celebrations ended, grief struck the family as they huddled into mourning. Littlestone’s son Tom was all of 10 when Silverstone lost his first son to the deadly pox. Tom heard his father say “This storm will pass and it did a few years later when Silverstone’s second and a year later his third son was born.”  He lost both sons in rapid succession when Tom was 13 and 14 yrs of age. This left Silverstone a total wreck and he rapidly took to drinks to seek solace from a cruel world. It was this very drink that would consume him.

As Tom walked the funeral route he did find a few detractors who spoke aloud
“Thank God He Died”
Come, Ride the storm with Tom, as he tells you about the turbulent winds and raging seas in the life of this man everyone called - Silverstone. This is the journey of an individual who was cursed to lose his sons after 5 daughters, and beget 3 more (daughters). Silverstone was condemned since childhood to Failure. Failing in Health, Education, and all that the world had to offer. The worst part of failure is knowing that you're not good enough.

Tom’s plan was to walk the entire route from the residence to the public cemetery when he heard the elder daughter say, “He was good for the family.”
People’s memories are short. They forget what a mess they were in. It was Uncle  'Littlestone' who had done it all for them.
Younger brother Littlestone handled all his idiosyncrasies. Tuberculosis was the dread, and Silverstone got infected with it. Littlestone had his wife sent to her mother’s home to deliver Tom, when the doctor’s informed him of his brother having contracted the disease.
Even when the breakers and waves crash there is hope, an anchor, that when grasped will save from the darkest and deepest moments. Not only does the anchor save, it brings life and light in the darkness so much so that we know we won’t be wanting.
Silverstone was given another lease of life through the watchful care of his brother Littlestone. A year later having recovered, he was back to work. Come evenings, Littlestone had a small enterprise which he would work in. As the enterprise grew, the plans were to shift base to their hometown. While a nephew was chosen to head the new enterprise, Silverstone insisted he head the same. For accommodation he wanted Littlestone’s share of the family home- 'Stone Villa', which was also obliged to. 
As the procession entered the rear of the cemetery, sitting on the steps, was a bearded homeless gentlemen with what looked like a rag bag and a bottle of liquor. After a quick internal debate over the ethics of interviewing the potentially befuddled, Tom figured it was worth the risk. If you can’t rely on a homeless drunk who was his companion for long, who can you?
Tom tells him: “People say, ‘This is your best friend’s funeral, so why are you drinking?’
And the tramp replies, ‘Because it’s about respect. Drink brought us together. I want to drink more now to ensure this bond does not break’”
By now the wind has died down, the sun is shining and all is calm. There are no mourners left. As Tom turns and prepare to retrace his steps, he thinks, 'Maybe this is the calm all waited for.'

Friday, April 5, 2013


Enlightenment (Noun):The realization of spiritual understanding,  or the state attained when human desire and suffering are transcended. 
The attainment of Full Awakening as a means to gain knowledge of the existing relationship between the Atman and Paramatman which has been lost sight of.

Mark 10:21
As Eisa (Jesus) was setting out on a journey, a man asked him: "What must I do to attain eternal life?"
Eisa (Jesus) asked him to follow the Commandments, which he said he did.
Eisa then turned to him and said, "Go sell what you have, give it to the Poor. Then come and follow me."
At this the man's face fell and he walked away dejected.

Lighten (Verb): Make or become Lighter in weight;  

Are we Ready for En-lighten-ment ?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter .. The Lord has Risen...

The Alleluias are being sung. The fasting is over and now is the time to rejoice and be glad, for the Lord has risen! The entire congregation stood in line, as they were invited for lighting of the candle.

It was midnight. As a young lad I held the Easter candle, and all came forward to light their own from it. Their faces illuminated by the flicker of candle light in the dark.

Wondered why we had advanced the Vigil. The new timings were convenient they said,
as it was difficult for the present to stay awake late.

Recalled the words heard on Friday..

Mathew 26:40 ' and he comes to the disciples and finds them asleep and said to Peter," Could you not watch with me one hour ?"    

May the light of the risen lord, fill our hearts this day. Time he rises within us. 
Time we came out of our graves, and be in step with the Life he gave us... Alleluia!! 

Paradise Regained.........

Angels were busy creating to their imagination. Energy wanted to create Man as imagined, and had to chose a spirit who would volunteer to give life to man.

Among those who volunteered was the Archangel and the one that was Dear. Energy chose the one that was Dear to cause life in the first creation. This caused a revolt led by the Archangel. If the Dear spirit succeeded, then it would get closer to Energy and the Angels would lose.

Man's existence on earth began in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, created to the imagination of Energy. "And I created man in mine own imagination, only begotten created I him. male and female, created I them."( Moses 2:27)

The state they were in was Paradise. The Archangel decided to disturb the plan, and sowed the seeds of creative knowledge in Adam & Eve.  Energy would have none of their disobedience and cast them out of Paradise. Paradise lost. Energy accepted the failing of the spirit in the human form, and promised to give them an opportunity to atone for this disobedience. Eve was created with the help of Adam, now man would be created with the help of woman in atonement.

Eisa (Jesus) born through Mary had to live the perfect life, and atone for the first sin of disobedience. The disgraced Archangel tried to tempt Eisa (Jesus) who after being baptized,
fasted forty days in the desert. Having failed the archangel departed. Eisa was ready to proceed with his Mission on earth, and went about his Ministry as per plan. Mission complete, it was time to return. He had to tread the path chosen for return, by death on the cross.

On the cross as he neared his end, he knew he had succeeded in his Mission. Crucified between two thieves, he said to one, "Assuredly I say unto you, you will be with me in Paradise."  Thus was Paradise Regained.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Go Forth.......... and Sin No More........

Mary Magdalene lived in Splendid Solitude. The woman was lost to her body held captive to the influences of the world. Caught in the Act one day, she was yanked from the shadows of her bedroom and dragged through the streets of Jerusalem. The Pericope Adulterae is a traditional name for a passage about Eisa(Jesus) and the Woman taken in adultery.

from verses 7:53 - 8:11 of the Gospel of John, the reading for today.

In an unexpected move, Pope Benedict XVI announced his desire to step down as Pope. He had come to the certainty saying: " That my Strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine Ministry."

Eisa(Jesus) was teaching the crowd at the temple.The Pharisees having caught Mary Magdalene in the act, wanted to know how Eisa(Jesus) would respond to the Law of Moses, and before the crowd threw Mary at his feet. The Pharisees were quick to judge and condemn.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was chosen to lead the church as Pope Francis. The Media and Critics went into an overdrive historical research - fault finding - condemning mode. They concluded the new Pope had stayed silent during the systematic human right abuses by the former military dictatorship in his home country.

When Eisa(Jesus) was asked whether or not he agreed to her being stoned responded,
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." One by one the lynch mob retreated, realizing they too were sinners.

Vatican denied the accusations, while Pope 
Francis laid a clear moral path for the church beset by scandals and dissent saying;" Let us never give in to the pessimism, to the bitterness the devil places before us every day."

When they had left, Eisa(Jesus) asked the woman where those who condemned her had gone.When she said there are none left, Eisa(Jesus) said, " And neither do I condemn you. Go and Sin no more." Eisa(Jesus) did not condone adultery but expected the woman to turn away from sin.

Pope Francis said," I leave from where the Apostle arrived."

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Last Commandment...

1000 BCE. The camels were grazing in the distant beyond and Abdulla was more than pleased that Rebecca had given birth to Aaron, a Male and an Heir to his Throne.
As a child he was mischievous, and would often find himself at the receiving end. Many a time Rebecca would threaten to cane him with the reed. The fear of the striking reed would get little Aaron disciplined.
 Aaron was 6 years of age when his mother first struck the reed on his palm. Until then it was the fear that kept him on hold. With today’s strike, the fear had gone. Pain from the reed was defined and Aaron discovered his threshold to bear this pain.
Later in reprimand his mother would tell Aaron that his father would be informed of his misdemeanors.
It was at the age of 12 when his father struck him the first time, for bad behavior. Until then he would stay away from his father, ensuring he did nothing to anger him. But after today’s strike Aaron realized he was able to bear this pain as his father repeatedly struck.
He had crossed another threshold.
Fearing his ways, his mother now tried to instill the fear of God into him. If something went wrong, she would tell him that God was angry, and this was God’s way of correcting him. Greater calamities did he escape from and Rebecca attributed this to the wrath of God.
After Abdulla’s demise Aaron headed the tribe. The misfortunes that befell his tribe did not please him, and he attributed the lifestyle of his people, displeasing to God.
He had to resolve this, think for himself and so withdrew deep into the desert. Fasting and in Meditation beyond two new moons, he was one day enlightened. He knew he had to lay down a set of rules that were acceptable to God and Man, to lead a good life. He understood all that was evil and wrong being practiced by his tribesmen.
He returned home and with the stone cutters etched the rules on stone by which his tribe would live. There was more discipline in the tribe, and all were happy at the set of rules being uniformly applied. With time the content of these laws were codified and a new tradition of being ruled by law established. But these were behavioural laws for mankind.

1000 years later a child was born into the region, who would be called
'The Master'. 

He taught all to Love God and not Fear him. He gave his followers the commandment
"Love one Another" and taught them the need to 
"Forgive one Another" 

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Ten Commandments..

1. I am the LORD thy God,thou shalt have no other gods.
2.Thou shalt have No graven images or likenesses
3.Thou shalt Not take the LORD's name in vain
4.Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy.
5. Honour thy father and thy mother
6.Thou shalt not kill
7.Thou shalt not commit adultery
8.Thou shalt not steal
9.Thou shalt Not bear false witness
10.Thou shalt not covet

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Big Bang

Energy was Huge and Bright, while Space in the absence of Energy was Dark & Infinite. Energy had to fill space and an understanding reached.

Energy decided to split itself infinitely and disperse through space and share access of its creations. It exploded, thus splitting itself with - The Big Bang. 

Balls of Energy flew in all directions. Each with its intellect could hold its own and decide its future. Energy was Creator. 

Each split could design its creations, as they gathered the dust generated after the bang, condensed them to planets, meteors etc. These were spun in different orbits on different planes and different inclinations centric to each of them.

Thus began the next journey. Each split of energy began ideating and create an expression that could survive. Infinite splits, Infinite Creators. Infinite Gods. 

Creations expressed by these Gods were and are humanly impossible to imagine. All expressions or creations have in them this energy.

All are Gods in their realm.To us humans, the source of our energy is the SUN - our GOD. Hell - the absence of Sunlight, when we are at the mercy of the dark forces of Space.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Paradise Lost

She was an Angel and that was also her name. Everybody loved her and her mother the most. Her wonder years were spent in an incoherent giggle and then a smatter of words that ascended to legible sentences.

She was never afraid. No one had instilled FEAR into her, or for that matter SHAME. Born unwelcome into an overcrowded land, surrounded by rat infested holes,the street was her home. She wore no clothes, never had any, never needed any.The street was her world, and all living there her brothers and sisters.

It was her sixth birthday. The celebrations had begun, and as she drew close to blow the candle, the city went up in flames. She wondered,had she blown the candle on time, maybe it would have saved the city from going up in flames.Never understood the riots, never knew she was being raped. Never knew her body, until that day.

Suddenly she grew conscious of herself. Understood she was naked, and began to drape herself with the bits she could find.

She had entered the real world. Her Paradise was Lost.

The fall of man is the story of when Adam and Eve lost their innocence and were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. - Genesis.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Playing God........

He was Successful, and this was widely acknowledged by family and friends. Houses, Cars, Multiple Bank Accounts et all. His was a well thought out plan, to ensure all members of his family were taken care of should misfortune befall him. He was sure they would find Comfort and Security in the wealth created in individual names.   

When they decided to enter planet earth, the desire was to experience life in the human form. If only he had let them experience tough times and disappointment, hard work and happiness - the only way to appreciate life.
He was the patriarch to all. Unknowingly and Unwittingly he played God. They would never experience the pride of achieving any this lifetime. He had denied them this experience and condemned them to a life of non achievement.
This meant they would never know the joy of creation. He had done it all. Every which way they looked around, there was what they needed right in front of them.They had legs but never learnt to walk. He carried them so high for so long, they began to see their world from a different height. 
His was the last word in every sentence.      

A Sentence it was that he handed to his family. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Can I be Born Again......

Kaw….. kaw       she screamed, Mamma I want to be Born Again. 
Mamma Crow screamed back. “Now, there you start all over again. You were born a Crow, you need to go through this life as a crow and not keep screaming that you want to be an Eagle. Feathers do not an Eagle make.”

Mamma Crow adviced  'kaw  kaw' that by taking a dip in the Holy River one cannot claim to be Born Again as an Eagle. There has to be a Spiritual awakening from within and this leads to living an exemplary life this lifetime in the given form, so that the next form would be decided on one’s current karma.

kaw....kaw interrupted, "But the Eagles keep saying you can only be saved if you are a Eagle. And if I take a dip in the Holy River, I can claim to be Born Again as an Eagle and can always fly with them above the storm and descend once it has tided over.  'Death will then have no hold over me.'

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's in a Name.....

The year he was born, his maternal grandmother wanted to name him after her late husband. But his father would have none of it. There was a learned Lawyer in their neighbourhood who commanded the respect of all. His father had said, should I have a son this will be his name; and so it was.   

He was enrolled for primary education. On the form was to be mentioned his Name-Father’s name-Surname. This was the norm. Seven years later the state was in a boil. 'Son of the Soil' was the theory floated all around. His surname was a definite give away as not of the soil. What better way to avoid conflict than let it be quietly erased.

Now it was his Name and Father’s name only. His Father’s name caught attention of his Teachers and Classmates because of an unintended pun. He spent his High School years being called by a name which was his Father’s-pun intended. He entered University and the pun followed. It was here that fate struck. He stood as a candidate for College elections under a new name and won. This name got him fame and fortune as he traveled continents under this new name. The name he was christened with was lost long before it was established.

Now sitting forlorn as he rested on the armchair having retired from active life, he was informed of his son’s decision to take his christened name as his Surname. A name that was nowhere in the annals suddenly became the New Surname, the New Cornerstone.