You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.

You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter .. The Lord has Risen...

The Alleluias are being sung. The fasting is over and now is the time to rejoice and be glad, for the Lord has risen! The entire congregation stood in line, as they were invited for lighting of the candle.

It was midnight. As a young lad I held the Easter candle, and all came forward to light their own from it. Their faces illuminated by the flicker of candle light in the dark.

Wondered why we had advanced the Vigil. The new timings were convenient they said,
as it was difficult for the present to stay awake late.

Recalled the words heard on Friday..

Mathew 26:40 ' and he comes to the disciples and finds them asleep and said to Peter," Could you not watch with me one hour ?"    

May the light of the risen lord, fill our hearts this day. Time he rises within us. 
Time we came out of our graves, and be in step with the Life he gave us... Alleluia!! 

Paradise Regained.........

Angels were busy creating to their imagination. Energy wanted to create Man as imagined, and had to chose a spirit who would volunteer to give life to man.

Among those who volunteered was the Archangel and the one that was Dear. Energy chose the one that was Dear to cause life in the first creation. This caused a revolt led by the Archangel. If the Dear spirit succeeded, then it would get closer to Energy and the Angels would lose.

Man's existence on earth began in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, created to the imagination of Energy. "And I created man in mine own imagination, only begotten created I him. male and female, created I them."( Moses 2:27)

The state they were in was Paradise. The Archangel decided to disturb the plan, and sowed the seeds of creative knowledge in Adam & Eve.  Energy would have none of their disobedience and cast them out of Paradise. Paradise lost. Energy accepted the failing of the spirit in the human form, and promised to give them an opportunity to atone for this disobedience. Eve was created with the help of Adam, now man would be created with the help of woman in atonement.

Eisa (Jesus) born through Mary had to live the perfect life, and atone for the first sin of disobedience. The disgraced Archangel tried to tempt Eisa (Jesus) who after being baptized,
fasted forty days in the desert. Having failed the archangel departed. Eisa was ready to proceed with his Mission on earth, and went about his Ministry as per plan. Mission complete, it was time to return. He had to tread the path chosen for return, by death on the cross.

On the cross as he neared his end, he knew he had succeeded in his Mission. Crucified between two thieves, he said to one, "Assuredly I say unto you, you will be with me in Paradise."  Thus was Paradise Regained.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Go Forth.......... and Sin No More........

Mary Magdalene lived in Splendid Solitude. The woman was lost to her body held captive to the influences of the world. Caught in the Act one day, she was yanked from the shadows of her bedroom and dragged through the streets of Jerusalem. The Pericope Adulterae is a traditional name for a passage about Eisa(Jesus) and the Woman taken in adultery.

from verses 7:53 - 8:11 of the Gospel of John, the reading for today.

In an unexpected move, Pope Benedict XVI announced his desire to step down as Pope. He had come to the certainty saying: " That my Strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine Ministry."

Eisa(Jesus) was teaching the crowd at the temple.The Pharisees having caught Mary Magdalene in the act, wanted to know how Eisa(Jesus) would respond to the Law of Moses, and before the crowd threw Mary at his feet. The Pharisees were quick to judge and condemn.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was chosen to lead the church as Pope Francis. The Media and Critics went into an overdrive historical research - fault finding - condemning mode. They concluded the new Pope had stayed silent during the systematic human right abuses by the former military dictatorship in his home country.

When Eisa(Jesus) was asked whether or not he agreed to her being stoned responded,
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." One by one the lynch mob retreated, realizing they too were sinners.

Vatican denied the accusations, while Pope 
Francis laid a clear moral path for the church beset by scandals and dissent saying;" Let us never give in to the pessimism, to the bitterness the devil places before us every day."

When they had left, Eisa(Jesus) asked the woman where those who condemned her had gone.When she said there are none left, Eisa(Jesus) said, " And neither do I condemn you. Go and Sin no more." Eisa(Jesus) did not condone adultery but expected the woman to turn away from sin.

Pope Francis said," I leave from where the Apostle arrived."

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Last Commandment...

1000 BCE. The camels were grazing in the distant beyond and Abdulla was more than pleased that Rebecca had given birth to Aaron, a Male and an Heir to his Throne.
As a child he was mischievous, and would often find himself at the receiving end. Many a time Rebecca would threaten to cane him with the reed. The fear of the striking reed would get little Aaron disciplined.
 Aaron was 6 years of age when his mother first struck the reed on his palm. Until then it was the fear that kept him on hold. With today’s strike, the fear had gone. Pain from the reed was defined and Aaron discovered his threshold to bear this pain.
Later in reprimand his mother would tell Aaron that his father would be informed of his misdemeanors.
It was at the age of 12 when his father struck him the first time, for bad behavior. Until then he would stay away from his father, ensuring he did nothing to anger him. But after today’s strike Aaron realized he was able to bear this pain as his father repeatedly struck.
He had crossed another threshold.
Fearing his ways, his mother now tried to instill the fear of God into him. If something went wrong, she would tell him that God was angry, and this was God’s way of correcting him. Greater calamities did he escape from and Rebecca attributed this to the wrath of God.
After Abdulla’s demise Aaron headed the tribe. The misfortunes that befell his tribe did not please him, and he attributed the lifestyle of his people, displeasing to God.
He had to resolve this, think for himself and so withdrew deep into the desert. Fasting and in Meditation beyond two new moons, he was one day enlightened. He knew he had to lay down a set of rules that were acceptable to God and Man, to lead a good life. He understood all that was evil and wrong being practiced by his tribesmen.
He returned home and with the stone cutters etched the rules on stone by which his tribe would live. There was more discipline in the tribe, and all were happy at the set of rules being uniformly applied. With time the content of these laws were codified and a new tradition of being ruled by law established. But these were behavioural laws for mankind.

1000 years later a child was born into the region, who would be called
'The Master'. 

He taught all to Love God and not Fear him. He gave his followers the commandment
"Love one Another" and taught them the need to 
"Forgive one Another"