You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.

You may have a different view on the Subject, so your Comments will help me think differently.
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Big Fight....

Energy had split at the Big Bang and kept spreading itself. Energy wanted to be everywhere, and in all forms conceived. This started the evolution of Creation.
Creation of the Heavens as an abode for the splits of energy. Creation of the Stars as far as it could travel and fill space with its light.
Among these Creations was that of the Earth. Creation of Water to fill the Earth. Creation of creatures to fill land, water and air. The process of creation was slow.
Energy was not satisfied with all its creations, and thought of creating one like itself. He had to choose a split of energy to give life to this creation called 'Man'. The split nearest to the Supreme Energy assumed he would be assigned this task. Energy picked another to give man life. This caused a Revolution of sorts in the Heavens.The nearest until now was also a powerful source of energy, but not Supreme. The other nearest split was the 'Prince of Light'. 
Soon the Heavens thundered with the warring sides. The one who had led the revolt was pushed out of the realms of light into the darkness of space.Energy wanted to be everywhere but could not. Thus was born the 'Prince of Darkness' who with all splits of energy who owed him allegiance spread themselves and took control of the Night.
Where Light could not gain access, Darkness took over.
Man born of the likeness of the Supreme, was tempted through thought by the 'Prince of Darkness' to disobey the Creator. This caused the Fall of Man. While the splits of energy who were aligned with the 'Supreme' were assigned different roles in the Heavens, all had to be continually in Praise of the Supreme. Soon they realized that Man had the senses which they had not. This caused another Revolution, with many of them tired of Glorifying, now wanting to experience life in the human form. Supreme let them make their choice, on the precondition that they could enter the Heavens only when 'Pure'. This was more difficult than imagined. The 'Prince of Darkness' could now increase numbers, by advising humans to disobey the Creator. The fight started eons ago, continues to this day. How have we led our lives in this lifetime?

Have we been led by the 'Prince of Light' or the 'Prince of Darkness'..??


Rafael Jenes said...

Where did you get the inspiration for this theory and why not just follow a historical guide for man's salvation, the holy bible?

Reynolds Roy said...

All thoughts have been inspired by the holy one. And it includes this too. None though are wrong. Read what I have written at and you will understand what I say..